Safely and Legally Storing Medical Cannabis

Patients are responsible for keeping their medical cannabis fully safe and secure. Medical cannabis can be an attractant to the curious and inquisitive, including children and young adults. Each patient is responsible for making sure that no one else has access to or uses his or her prescribed medical cannabis.

In the event you suspect or learn that your medicinal cannabis has been stolen or misappropriated or is the subject of any illicit activity, contact your local law enforcement immediately.

To keep your medicinal cannabis secure

  • Store cannabis in its original tamper-evident container.
  • Do not remove the label from the container.
  • Keep it in a secure area, away from children.
  • Consider using a third-party medicinal cannabis medicine storage product.

Safely and Legally Possessing Medical Cannabis in New York

It is illegal to possess or use cannabis if you do not have a debilitating medical condition and are not a registered qualifying patient or caregiver. Patients and caregivers are required to carry their registry identification card at all times when in posession of medical marijuana products.

Safely and Legally Administering Medicinal Cannabis in a Permitted Place

The law prohibits smoking medical marijuana; medical marijuana can only be ingested in forms approved by the New York Department of Health. This currently includes: capsules, oils for vaporization, or oils for oromucosal or sublingual administration. No medical marihuana products may be consumed through vaporization in any public place or location where smoking is prohibited under the public health law. 

A patient may consume products by vaporization in his or her private residence, unless the private residence is being used to provide licensed child care services. Though vaporization is generally prohibited in a hospital or health care facility, vaporization may occur in separate and enclosed designated smoking rooms for patients of such facilities.