You'd be surprised to see the day to day activities of an Illinois MMJ Attorney. In this raw, honest and lighthearted analysis, PharmaCannis attorney walks us through his experience in the dispensaries.

This PharmaCannis Employee Video-Interview features our manager of onsite security at our Dwight cultivation facility, Je

Our Dwight cultivation center was featured on NBC Chicago last night. This exclusive look inside the facility is the first sneak peek into a cultivation site in the state of Illinois! Our team is very passionate about cultivating high quality product for our patients.

This PharmaCannis Employee Video-Interview features one of our cultivation technicians, Brittany!

PharmaCannis hosted Open House & Launch Parties at our Schaumburg and North Aurora locations last week (North Aurora pictured). The amount of support and positive feedback we've been receiving has been exciting as our dispensaries grow closer to becoming fully operational.

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"Harvest Fest 8" by Megan Nault

Data from a study of patients experiencing chronic pain was recently published online in The Journal of Pain called, "Cannabis For The Management of Pain: Assessment Of Safety Study." A Montreal pain specialist, Dr.

PharmaCannis Dispensary

PharmaCannis hosted an Open House & Launch Party at our Ottawa dispensary location over the weekend. The turn out was overwhelming with supportive friends, families, future medical marijuana patients, industry professionals, and city officials, just to name a few.

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"Paper Work" by Pimthida

The "Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015" was introduced to Congress in April by Representative Dana Rohrabacher of California. The purpose of the bill is to provide immunity against federal persecution for individuals and businesses operating under state marijuana laws.

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"South Dakota Skies" by Wendy

The Santee Sioux tribe of about 400 individuals is opening the nation's first marijuana resort on their reservation located in South Dakota.

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"600mg Blue Pills" by Michael W. May

The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs published a demographic review online of medical cannabis patients.