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PharmaCannis Health & Wellness has expanded hours at three of its New York locations beginning today, July 18th, 2017.

The new hours are as follows:

Not too long ago, a Facebook user posted a picture of a sign hung up in an Illinois gun store which stated: “Attention: Medical Marijuana Card Holders. Illinois state law prohibits the purchase of firearms for medical cannabis card holders.” This picture, inspired some rather heated conversation and controversy.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations

There is another competition going on inside the Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program....

The Players In The Illinois Medical Cannabis Industry
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In Illinois, the State always gets its say. There are very few industries that the government doesn't touch. Medical cannabis is no different. In fact, the contrary is true: Regulating medical cannabis in Illinois involves no fewer than six separate state administrative agencies and more "ad hoc" governmental groups.

This PharmaCannis Employee Video-Interview features our manager of onsite security at our Dwight cultivation facility, Je

Our Dwight cultivation center was featured on NBC Chicago last night. This exclusive look inside the facility is the first sneak peek into a cultivation site in the state of Illinois! Our team is very passionate about cultivating high quality product for our patients.

This PharmaCannis Employee Video-Interview features one of our cultivation technicians, Brittany!

PharmaCannis hosted Open House & Launch Parties at our Schaumburg and North Aurora locations last week (North Aurora pictured). The amount of support and positive feedback we've been receiving has been exciting as our dispensaries grow closer to becoming fully operational.

PharmaCannis Dispensary

PharmaCannis hosted an Open House & Launch Party at our Ottawa dispensary location over the weekend. The turn out was overwhelming with supportive friends, families, future medical marijuana patients, industry professionals, and city officials, just to name a few.

CNBC's Nightly Business Report recently visited PharmaCannis to speak with some of our leaders regarding the Compassionate Care Act. New York is the 23rd state to legalize medicinal use of marijuana and is expecting its first dispensaries to be open in January of 2016.


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