You'd be surprised to see the day to day activities of an Illinois MMJ Attorney. In this raw, honest and lighthearted analysis, PharmaCannis attorney walks us through his experience in the dispensaries.

Medical Marijuana in Illinois and Social Justice
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Cannabis is a controlled substance under federal law, and is, by definition, illegal to possess and sell, but the "G" (as in Government) has made it clear that under the current administration, it does not intend to enforce federal criminal law against those persons and businesses that are appropriately engaged in the commerce of medical marijuana pursuant to state law, absent exceptional circumstances.

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"South Dakota Skies" by Wendy

The Santee Sioux tribe of about 400 individuals is opening the nation's first marijuana resort on their reservation located in South Dakota.

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"Plant" by Brian Stalter

Indoor marijuana cultivation facilties require energy all day, every day. Now, more than ever, the concept of sustainability has become a very large part of the way that business models are built and how businesses function.

Two Women Discussing Medical Marijuana

Panelists from across the state came to DeKalb to answer questions or clear up confusion about Illinois’ medical marijuana pilot program.

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